The new Stihl BT 130 earth auger bores quickly and powerfully into the ground, thanks to its fuel-efficient 4-MIX engine. Equally as impressive are its vibration-dampening frame, multi-function handle, large comfort cushion and the unique QuickStop drill brake, all of which boost user comfort and make the tool easy to operate. The BT 130 is the ideal tool for effectively drilling holes for fence posts, plants and point foundations.

The STIHL BT 130 handheld auger’s enhanced features make post-hole digging, fence installation, planting, and large construction jobs easier and more comfortable.

The ergonomic and rugged design combined with higher torque at lower RPM than the previous model gives professionals powerful and durable performance.

Powered by a proven, fuel-efficient, 36.3 cc low-exhaust-emission engine, the BT 130 one-man auger decreases operating costs and reduced downtime for re-fueling trips.