Hustler Turf hosted an exciting event in Orlando, Fla., to mark the currently one of the leading turf care brands in the world. Hustler personnel, dealers, and suppliers gathered for 3 days of celebration, fun, prizes, and a look into the future.

Hustler executives delivered presentations on the bright future of the rapidly growing company before rolling out redesigned versions of two of Hustler’s most popular products, the FasTrak and FasTrak SD.

The dealers were then given the first look at yet another ground breaking technological achievement from Hustler Turf, and a first in the industry. The Raptor Flip-Up will make its world debut at GIE-EXPO in Louisville, Ky.

On the final evening, dealers were honored at the annual Hustler dealer appreciation and sales awards banquet. More than 100 dealerships earned awards for outstanding achievement in 2014.

“Excitement was very high during Hustler Days. Not only did our great team of dealers get to relax at a wonderful location, they also got an exclusive worlds first look at the ground breaking Raptor Flip-Up, and all new redesigned FasTrak and FasTrak SD”, said Adam Mullet, vice president of sales and marketing.

“Fifty years after the introduction of the first zero- turn, Hustler is still innovating its way into the future," Mullet added.

About Hustler Turf Equipment and Excel Industries

Founded in 1960 and based in Hesston, Kansas, Excel Industries is a leading manufacturer of premium commercial and residential lawn care equipment. Excel introduced the world’s first zero-turn mower under the Hustler brand, in 1964. Excel Industries has a global distribution network of more than 1,600 U.S. dealers and 50 distributors worldwide.