VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The Stihl HTA 65 fixed length pole pruner is the newest addition to the family of STIHL lithium-ion battery KombiSystem products. Powered by  36-volt lithium-ion battery technology, this cordless pole pruner eliminates the need for gasoline and two-cycle oil.

“This pole pruner gives tree service personnel, landscape professionals, and homeowners the convenience and simplicity they’re looking for,” said Kent Hall, senior product manager for Stihl Inc. “It’s cordless, there’s no motor or filter maintenance, and it starts with the squeeze of a trigger.” That variable speed trigger switch also makes fine and accurate cutting jobs effortless with operator controlled chain speed.

Every element of the HTA 65 is built to last and handle tough pruning jobs. The brushless, commercial-grade, high torque electric motor supplies plenty of power without a lot of noise and vibration.

Users won’t have to worry about losing any power when cutting into limbs. Each battery runs at full power until it’s depleted. For the HTA 65, that means up to 40 minutes with the AP 180 battery. Recharging is quick with the Stihl Rapid Charger.

The HTA 65 is one of 14 tools in the Stiho Battery KombiSystem line. This system is designed so that a single Stihl lithium-ion battery can be used with multiple tools and can tackle a wide range of outdoor projects.

Stihl also recently announced its new Stihl KM 94 R KombiMotor, a light-weight, 24 cc, 2-stroke engine for the KombiSystem.