Investigators from 15 different agencies across 11 counties recently worked together to uncover a farm equipment theft ring in North Carolina – where the stolen equipment totaled over six figures.

According to the report on “Authorities say Craigslist was used to sell the equipment as soon as possible, with some of it being moved in 12 hours.”

There are many reputable buyers and sellers on, but these thefts offer a chance for your salespeople to educate those who are new to the tractor buying market. Your team can then share your dealership’s best practices regarding selling used equipment.

An authority issued this warning, which is important for potential buyers to know, “If you've recently purchased farm equipment on Craigslist and met the seller in a parking lot, please contact the sheriff's office. Anyone caught with the equipment can be charged with possession of stolen property.”

Consider taking an active role in theft prevention in your area. Check with your local authorities about crime prevention programs you can participate in. For instance, C.A.L.I.N (Construction, Agriculture, Livestock information Network) is a network that covers Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas. Its goal is to share information about stolen farm and construction equipment and livestock to its more than 450 participants. Go here to learn more. Also, here’s a story we posted on the network and how to protect your dealership from fraud.