Since the very first issue, Rural Lifestyle Dealer has featured rural lifestylers from all sizes and kinds of operations and homesteads in its “What Rural Lifestylers Want from You” series. The goal is to help dealers better understand how rural lifestylers live and work, so they can recommend equipment that makes their lives easier and better. Here is a list of the people and topics covered in the long-standing series.


Rural Lifestyler



Fall 2007 Joe and Mary Neibler Brookfield, Wis. 7-acre suburban “farmstead”
Spring 2008 Bob Garner and George Dearborn Cuesta Grade Mountain range in California and Ocala, Fla. 75-acre homestead on former cattle range/15-acre hobby farm
Fall 2008 Dan and Robin Olson Jackson, Wis. Large property owners with 2 horses
Spring 2009 Ken and Doris Bray San Luis Obispo County, Calif. 28-acre vineyard
Summer 2009 Larry and Sheila McCrery Peoria, Ariz. 10-acre homestead
Fall 2009 John and Ginger Ahl Merrillan, Wis. 6,600-acre Christmas tree nursery
Spring 2010 Walter and Rhonda Shealy Carrollton, Ga. Part-time commercial cow/calf operation
Summer 2010 Ken Kozminski Sodus, Mich. 100-acre wildlife habitat with 2,354 square foot vacation home
Fall 2010 Brit and Fleming Pfann Silk Hope, N.C. Goat dairy and bed-and-breakfast
Spring 2011 Fred and Cindy Turner Arlington, Texas White tail deer hobby farm
Summer 2011 Mike Meeks San Antonio, Texas Large property owner with horses
Fall 2011 Tom and Diana Seboldt Ozark, Mo. Hobby cattle farm
Spring 2012 Pat Lefemine Union, Conn., and Oneida County, N.Y. 310-acre hunting tract
Summer 2012 Rob and Cindi Miles Logan County, Okla. 10-acre homestead, with 80 acres of Bermuda grass pasture, 30 acres of native grass and 50 acres of wheat and rye for winter pasture
Fall 2012 Tom and Janeth Tomlin San Antonio, Texas 5 acres of property overrun with weeds and mesquite trees
Spring 2013 John DeFilippi Boulder, Colo. Owner of landscaping business focused on earth-friendly approach of quieter, cleaner and non-toxic practices and equipment
Summer 2013 Amanda Mullen Union, Mo. Director of a ranch that rescues and rehabilitates horses and farm animals for adoption
Fall 2013 A.J. Swanson Sioux Falls, S.D. 600-acre homestead and prairie restoration project
Winter 2014 Jeff Hurtgam Ransomville, N.Y. 35 acres producing 23 different crops
Spring 2014 Lee Stadtmiller Billings, Mont. 65-acre cemetery
Summer 2014 Michael Vincent Keota, Iowa 7-acre vineyard
Fall 2014 Dwight and Judy Batts Wilson County, N.C. 375-acre tree farm
Winter 2015 Jesus “Chuy” Medrano Denver, Colo. Owner of a landscape business with services including maintenance, water management, color programs, snow clearing and outdoor designs
Spring 2015 Mat and JoAnn McCleary Whidbey Island, Wash. Owners of Frog Construction with services in maintenance and land clearing
Summer 2015 Chip Davis Mississippi Avid hunter and farmer with 3,500 acres
Fall 2015 Alex Gomez Winters, Calif. Small-scale organic farming operation

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