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How to Sell

Uncovering Specialty Sales

Summer 2016 — Everyone in the equipment business loves retailing the big-ticket items, but those smaller niche attachments are sometimes what pay the bills. Have you ever had a customer negotiate you down to the bare minimum on a tractor, but when you added the rock rake, box blade, post-hole digger, finish mower and blade at full price, you ended up with a nice profit margin? If the answer is “yes,” you know the value of those small pieces that make a tractor more productive and a dealership more profitable.

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Market Opportunities

Riding the Off-Road Trend

Summer 2016 — The utility task vehicle (UTV) market grew 16% in 2014, 8% in 2015 and will grow this year, according to Power Products Marketing, a research and consulting firm that works with OEMs, suppliers and others.

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Marketing Opportunities

Moving More Used Equipment

Spring 2016 — Learn strategies for increasing revenue from used equipment sales, including setting metrics, understanding demand and more.

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Season to Season

Matching Customers with the Right Product All Year Long

Spring 2016 — Power Centers of Madison shares best practices for working through the seasonality of the outdoor power equipment market in the ‘Season-to-Season’ series.

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Dealer Business Trends & Outlook

Upward Trend Continues for Rural Equipment Market

Winter 2016 — Dealers selling to rural lifestylers think 2016 will be another good year, with significant growth forecast for revenue at a time when the production ag equipment market is experiencing declines by as much as 20% or more.

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Managing the Store

8 Ways to Grow in the Next Decade

Winter 2016 — Having been a farm equipment factory rep and the manager of a rural lifestyle dealership, it’s fun to now have the opportunity to write about the business. I get to interview dealers from all across the country and most of you are willing to share your secrets of success.

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