For the past 15 years, BuildingGreen, an information resource and consulting company, has recognized green building products that significantly Mean Green Mowers ECOimprove upon standard practices. Mean Green commercial mowers were included in BuildingGreen's Top 10 Products for 2017.

According to the company, these products help transform the industry by conserving energy and water, reducing emissions, and offering new approaches to building systems.

The mowers were recognized for producing no emissions and requiring no fuel as well as for their low maintenance and low noise. According BuildingGreen, prices start at around $13,299 for the stand-on models and $13,988 for the riding option. Mean Green claims $7–$8 operational savings per hour using these mowers, and with rebates and incentives, first costs are likely to be significantly less.

Use of these mowers can help earn a credit under LEED v4 for Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) for use of electric-powered equipment.

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