Introducing the new Oregon Commercial Kinetic Log Splitter that allows operators to split wood faster — saving time and effort.

The Kinetic Log Splitter’s design eliminates hydraulics by using two, precision-balanced 70-pound flywheels spinning at 325 RPMs to create and store kinetic energy. A pinion gear system then applies that stored energy from the flywheels and drives the log through the wedge in roughly 2-3 seconds with virtually no kickback. Traditional hydraulic log splitters can take 13 seconds or more to split the same log. 

The Oregon Kinetic Log Splitter also offers other benefits to the professional operator:

  • Versatility & Portability: the splitter can be easily moved around the worksite with welded table-mounted handles. It can also be towed on the highway with its 2-inch ball coupler and safety chains, while the stow-away retractable tongue makes loading and unloading easy. 
  • Heavy-Duty Work Table: the work surface is smooth and aligned with the beam, which means fewer snags when bringing a log back for re-splitting. Operators can continue splitting longer due to the splitter’s wide slots which reduce build-up that can jam the push plate assembly in other splitters. The 32-inch wide work table allows easy access to rounds and re-splits from either side. 
  • Reduced Fatigue: the patent-pending handle design on the Kinetic Log Splitter virtually eliminates kickback by using torsion springs that absorb energy when a stall occurs. Operator fatigue is reduced due to unnecessary motion and operators can work from either side of the machine with convenient two-handed operation. 

Powered by a Kohler SH265 engine, the splitter features a 6-inch wedge and the entire machine sits on 4 inch x 8 inch road towable tires rated at 45 mph.