The Intimidator is a true land-clearing, obstacle-removing attachment. It is ideal for eliminating trees, saplings, stumps, bushes, boulders, clearing fencerows and working close to buildings and other obstructions. Its unique design allows its user to selectively eliminate what he/she wants, whether that’s removing invasive shrubs or uprooting a tree.

The Intimidator features a brush guard along with replaceable excavator bucket teeth and vertical jaw saw teeth to allow the operator to dig and cut roots to remove larger trees. Uniquely synchronized jaws, designed to keep objects centered when pulling for less wear and tear on the loader arms, are actuated by a rear-mounted, fully protected 3 inch diameter cylinder, allowing the user to aggressively excavate objects without fear of damage to the cylinder. The tapered jaw design means larger objects can be gripped in the back of the jaws, maximizing pulling force of up to 21,000 pounds. The lower portion of the frame features a box blade style design for dragging and leveling.

Intimidator mounting options include skid-steer quick attach, Euro/Global quick attach and a Flat Back for custom fabrication to fit other mount styles.

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