Caterpillar Attachments Cat Silage Defacer was developed for Cat compact wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, compact track loaders and Multi-Terrain loaders. The Silage Defacer cuts and shaves large silage bunks to improve material retention and ensure more consistent feed quality, leaving a clean surface on the bunk and eliminating large amounts of oxygen penetration that can cause mold.

Available in 72, 84 and 96 inch widths, the Silage Defacer uses a heavy-duty frame to house a front-mounted cutting drum. The drum is driven by a system of dual, hydraulic motors and dual, heavy-duty roller chains to optimize torque and reliability. The drive motors are mounted behind drum and within the frame for protection from damage, and the chains feature cotter-pin master links for extended chain life.

5 inch long, high-tensile-strength, hardened-steel teeth on the drumare arranged in a helical pattern for even load distribution and to ensure efficient cutting and facing, leaving a finely textured finished product for feed. The teeth are positioned at a precise angle to ensure minimal drum stalling and material cling. A standard cross-over relief valve dampens hydraulic pressure spikes and diverts high pressure away from the host machine.

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