​According to the January 2017 United States and Canada Tractor and Combine reports recently published by the Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), unit sales of under 40-horsepower 2WD farm tractors in January continued to remain positive. Canadian unit sales increased 23.1%, while U.S. sales increased 13.8%, both compared to January 2016 sales.

Overall, total farm tractor sales for Canada and U.S. showed nearly steady sales compared to January 2016, with a  .2% increase in retail sales in Canada and a 1.9% decrease in U.S. unit sales compared to this time last year. 

While U.S. combine sales trended 51% less compared to this time last year, Canada self-propelled combine unit sales realized an increase from 37 units in January 2016 to 84 units in January 2017, resulting in a positive 127% change.