The Oggun Model: A Tractor Company Without Dealers

What if your customer base had the option of purchasing tractors directly from the manufacturer for less money, with a simple design and components that could be sourced from local auto parts stores or off the internet and serviced by non-certified independent mechanics? The Oggun Tractor from Cleber LLC is designed in what is known as an “open model system.” The company is bypassing a dealer network and using word-of-mouth and social media advertising to keep costs low.

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Tune in to ‘Measuring Up’ Series

Rural Lifestyle Dealer recently launched its quick-read “Measuring Up” series, evaluating data from the United Equipment Dealers Assn.’s Cost of Doing Business Study. See how you compare with business metrics from other dealerships and follow along as our team (Joanne Volkert, Lynn Woolf, Jeff Lazewski and Michelle Drewek) highlight key metrics.

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Remembering Fred Whyte, ‘Man of STIHL’

Fred Whyte, former president of STIHL Inc. and past chairman of the board, passed away July 7, 2017. He was 70 years old. During Whyte’s tenure as president, he led the company from a moderately-known brand to the number one selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America. During his retirement Whyte stated, “I often say history is a great business teacher. And after working for more than four decades in this industry, I can confirm that substance wins out over style, every time.”

Dealers Sound Off: “What is the strangest customer request or complaint that you’ve ever received?”

“A customer had a young kid running a zero-turn mower. He ran it into a pond that was filled with snapping turtles and wanted me to go swimming to get the mower out. All you could see was the top of the steering levers below the murky water,” says Dave Blersch, Chainsaws Unlimited, Southbury, Conn.

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