Ewald Kubota is Rural Lifestyle Dealer's 2017 Dealership of the Year in the multi-store category. Here's an excerpt detailing the dealership's used equipment strategy.

Ewald Kubota doesn't have the same level of used equipment inventory as dealers primarily serving row-crop farmers, but it’s still an area owner John Ewald likes to keep under control. Ewald wants to turn the used inventory 3 times a year. After a used unit has sat in inventory for 4 months, Ewald depreciates the unit by 5%. So, if a salesperson gives a customer $10,000 on a trade, after 4 months the dealership will write off $500 into a loss. “But then the salesman gets hit for the $500 that was lost. So on his commission report he shows a loss of $500. Essentially, the salesperson owns that trade unit until it’s sold.

“That depreciation is what we use to keep our used inventory turning. And we’re pretty hard on ourselves. We’ll depreciate a unit 5% every month and then we’ll reduce the sale price. The salesperson takes a hit, too, so it helps keep him honest when he makes the trade because he’s not going to overinflate because he knows he’s tied to that unit until it leaves the dealership.”

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