What Rural Lifestylers Want From You:
Raising Whitetail Deer in Texas
He’s willing to pay for the good attitude and great service his equipment dealer offers because they’re nice to his wife and willing to come to his ranch to maintain his equipment.

How to Sell Series:
Sell Today, Till Tomorrow
Selling rotary tillers to rural lifestyle customers requires keeping them in stock and ready for delivery.

Tips for Sales-Boosting Customer Events
Dealers share what works best to build awareness, relationships and sales with rural lifestyle equipment buyers.

Dealer Profile:
Hendershot Equipment
Hendershot Equipment succeeds by relentlessly tracking leads, emphasizing its web site and doing the little things right – every time.

Market Opportunities:
Where Customers Do the Harvesting
From cherries to flowers, pick-your-own farm operators look to equipment dealers for service and expertise.


From the Field
The Ethanol Challenge

Marketing Matters
Two Ears, One Mouth

If you want to build solid customer relations, take a hint from what nature provided and listen more than you talk.

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From the Winter 2011 Issue

2011 Dealer Business
Trends & Outlook

Dealers Ready to Put Recession Behind Them: After several years of recession, RLD's 2011 Business Trends & Outlook survey reveals overwhelming dealer optimism. 


From the Field

2011 Will Be a Good Year:  Consumers and dealers are becoming more confident about the future, plus an introduction to RLD's new managing editor.

Marketing Matters

You've Got Customers
E-mail outreach can bring in the leads you need to make the sales.

Exclusively Online

Additional information from the 2011 Dealer Business Trends & Outlook survey.

Explaining Ethanol:

As part of the survey, dealers reveal what recommendations they're giving to customers when it comes to using gasoline blended with ethanol. A couple of related fuel products are also introduced.

Major Tractor Brands:

Additional charts organized by major tractor brand.

Find Information on Hundreds of Products Your Customers Will Be Asking for in 2011 here