Louisville, Ky. — Dr. Robert Ballard, the undersea explorer who discovered the Titanic wreckage, will deliver a keynote address for dealers and exhibitors at GIE+EXPO and Hardscape North America, the industry's largest gathering. The session, set for Wednesday, October 17, 10:30 - 12pm, is sponsored by STIHL Inc. Admission to the keynote is included with trade show registration.

Following Ballard's keynote, the trade shows will open exclusively for dealers, distributors, retailers and media from 12 to 3pm and to the entire industry from 3 to 7pm with a show floor reception beginning at 5 p.m.

"Education events such as the keynote address from Dr. Robert Ballard provide inspiration to dealers working to grow their business. Leaders are always willing to explore new territories to ensure continued success," said Bjoern Fischer, president of STIHL Inc.

One of the greatest undersea explorers of our times, Ballard is best known for his discovery of the RMS Titanic in 1985 70+ years after it sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He has conducted over 140 deep sea expeditions, including the first manned exploration of the Mid-Ocean Ridge, and is credited with discovering many key chapters of human history, such as German Battleship BISMARCK and President John F. Kennedy's PT-109. He is a well-known author, a film producer of documentaries, an Explorer in Residence for the National Geographic Society and past host of their TV program "Explorer."

In this gripping presentation, the oceanographer and former U.S. Navy officer, will share his stories of exploration, environmental discovery and leadership. With a passion for the last great uncharted territory, Dr. Ballard will entertain and motivate as he discusses his discoveries and adventures, which include the 1985 discovery of the Titanic wreckage. Attendees will walk away inspired to think outside the box and take risks to achieve their long-term goals.

GIE+EXPO and HNA 2018

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