General Equipment's 240H Hole Diggers feature Honda GX35 all-position, four-stroke engines. The GX35 is an air-cooled, 35.8 cubic centimeter displacement engine that provides 1.3 net horsepower, and produces a maximum drilling torque of 50 feet/pounds. The all-position feature of the engine allows the 240H to be operated and stored in any position without causing service issues. Additionally, the four-stroke design provides higher performance and fuel economy than two-stroke alternatives, while eliminating the hassle of mixing fuel and oil.

The 240H is a one-man, hand-held unit that is intended for digging holes up to 8 inches in diameter in a wide variety of unconsolidated soil classifications. Standard auger digging depth is 30 inches. The available 15 inch long, plain-tube extension can be used to extend digging depth when required. The 240H features a Comfort Zone handle configuration that is designed to maximize operator strength while minimizing any kickback experienced during the hole digging process.

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