The Toro 20 inch Hydraulic Slit Seeder is designed for maneuverability. Thanks to the variable-speed drive system, the unit handles like a self-propelled mower, and operators can make tight turns with only one hand. Additionally, the wide base provides a high level of stability on hills, ditches, slopes and other obstacles in the terrain.

The seed flow on the Toro 20 inch Hydraulic Slit Seeder can be easily adjusted to compensate for each application and seed type, if required. In addition, the 11 gauge steel construction and high-carbon, heat-treated spring steel blades ensure low maintenance, making this seeder a highly durable machine.

The Seeder features a 40 pound capacity seed mixer that regulates seed delivery based on ground speed for consistent application. The unit is as compact and easy to handle as it is durable.

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