As a major storm approached northern Utah Tuesday, retailers who sell emergency generators and snowblowers reported increased interest among consumers.

“We’ve sold about a dozen generators and snowblowers today alone,” said Steve Parsons, general manager of Honda World in South Jordan. He noted that number normally represents about two months worth of sales.

Parsons said the public is better educated nowadays about approaching storms. “Twenty years ago, everyone would be caught by surprise. Now we know they’re coming and can prepare.”

At EC Power Systems in Salt Lake City, Dan Durham, manager of generator sales, said he received five phone calls from people interested in buying generators when he normally receives about two a week.

“A lot of people who expressed interest months ago are telling us they’re no longer willing to wait,” Durham said. “They’re coming in to buy.”

EC Power sells the Kohler line of generators.

The three Emergency Essentials stores in Utah were selling a lot of portable propane heaters and automobile emergency kits.

“We’ve been real busy,” said Tim Pedersen, who manages the three stores. “It is hard to say, though, whether all the traffic is due to the storm coming in or just because it is the gift-giving season.”