ROSWELL, Ga. – SiteOne Landscape Supply has launched the new LESCO Smart Guided precision spray system. This new system revolutionizes precision spraying with its easy-to-install GPS that maximizes labor efficiency, minimizes application error and optimizes chemical budgets.

The LESCO Smart Guided system is designed to connect with most common sprayers. It can save up to 75% of initial costs compared to buying a new sprayer unit with a built-in GPS.

The new LESCO system offers:

  1. TerraStar GPS satellite technology that allows the system to spray within a 2-inch level of accuracy so there are no missed areas, overspray or overlap.
  2. Precise control of each separate nozzle to reduce overspray. If a nozzle is outside the defined application boundary, it will automatically turn off.
  3. Tracking of when and where certain products are sprayed to simplify documentation and record keeping. This feature also allows the system to remember and repeat boundaries after they have been driven once and saved.

“The LESCO Smart Guided system is about working more efficiently,” said John Gertz, VP Category Management – Agronomics at SiteOne. “We’re focused on bringing solutions to market that help our customers get more done with less budget and succeed in a very demanding business.”

LESCO Smart Guided systems are available now at SiteOne locations. Contact your local SiteOne representative for more details or to see a demo of the product. Visit to find your nearest location.