BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — The Toro Co. recently introduced its new Spray Master, which offers precise spreads, consistent liquid flows and easy lean-to-steer control. Operators can eliminate the need for a manual pressure regulator and get precise liquid and granular spreads with Toro's industry-first electronic smart controls. Fluid levels can be checked with just a glance with transparent white tanks.

An auxiliary pump delivers 2 gal./min. and up to 10 PSI for constant tank agitation. The sprayer also offers stall protection and maintains a constant speed during dry spread applications. Operators can make adjustments on the fly with one hand thanks to control forward/reverse and left/right steering. 

“We’re thrilled to offer the ultimate precision and productivity with smart e-control,” said Senior Marketing Manager Chris Vogtman. “We know the keys to productivity is intuitive and easy-to-use controls, and the all-new lean-to-steer Spray Master delivers.”

The Spray Master will be available for order in February.