Rural Lifestyle Dealer is pleased to announce that Paige Wittman of Miller Wittman Retail Design Group is now part of our "Fix My Problem" panel of experts. Wittman was part of the inaugural Dealer Success Academy. (Click here to view her presentation, "Look Like an Expert: Getting More from Your Retail Store.")

Paige Wittman

Wittman says that a retail environment is an asset that must be carefully and continually monitored. "It's very demanding to maintain a retail store. There's something constantly going on in your store that is working against you," she says.

"When a customer comes in, they expect you to look the part. They want to you be a source of new information. They want you to understand the features and benefits of the products you're selling. They expect a certain level of expertise that your store helps convey," Wittman says.

There's not a minute to waste when it comes to capturing and keeping customers, so turn to Wittman to help solve your retail dilemmas. Submit a question in the comments section below or email

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