The John Deere D Series Compact Utility Tractors feature 25, 35 and 43 horsepower levels, a weight of 2,778 pounds and a hauling capacity of 4,000 pounds. Featuring an easy-to-reach rear-mounted fuel tank, the 3D Series holds up to 10 gallons, giving users the ability to operate a full eight-hour day without refueling. By locating the fuel tank at the machine’s rear, the operator can easily fill the machine and avoid spilling diesel over the hood of their tractor. In addition, rear fuel tank placement increases overall engine performance.

The 3D models are compatible with the John Deere Quik-Knect System. Additionally, the 3D units deliver strong drawbar performance and boast a 3-pt. hitch that can lift nearly 1,600 pounds. Rear-mounted implements are easy to align and attach with optional telescope draft, saving time and effort. The two-pump hydraulic system allows users to easily steer and lift the loader at the same time. While one pump is dedicated to steering, the second manages other hydraulic functions.

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