As we approach another flip of the calendar, I find myself reflecting on the past year and what was all trending in my world here at work. One of the themes that stands out well above the rest is that of lead generation, a topic that is increasingly on the minds of our sponsorship and advertising partners. I've had many insightful discussions with companies seeking to identify more qualified leads for their sales teams to pursue.

Out of these conversations emerges a common challenge... that marketing and sales teams are often self-sabotaging their efforts to grow their customer base and generate more revenue from their existing customers because they are not making it an immediate priority to follow up with every single sales lead they receive.

It would seem counter-intuitive that an organization would spend so much time, energy and money producing and nurturing leads for the leads to not be promptly followed up with. But for many reasons – lack of a defined follow-up process, no lead ownership, stretched personnel, etc. – money is often being left on the table.

To help you avoid lead conversion pitfalls and incorporate best practices into your sales process, Lessiter Media’s Sales, Marketing and Editorial teams collaborated to create a quick-read eGuide, "Sales Lead Follow-Through: Slow Response Time Means Lost Sales." We examine what many companies are doing wrong with sales follow-up, how to calculate the lifetime value of a customer, how to make a cultural change in your sales team, why you can't afford to NOT acquire new customers, and much more.

Download it now and share it with everybody in your organization that places a finger on your sales leads — from the appointment setters to the closers.

Print it out, pass it out, and discuss it in your next sales meeting. There’s a lot of foundational advice, insight and research to help you capture and convert more revenue during this critical end-of-year budgetary sprint, and all throughout 2020 and beyond.