Walker Manufacturing introduces the Walker Model R that is specifically designed to meet the high standards of residential and acreage owners at a lower price. Equipped with a 21 horsepower Kohler engine, the Model R delivers essential Walker attributes like ease of use, high quality cut (especially on complex, difficult properties), operator comfort, reliability, and easy maintenance. 

The Model R features a front-mount, tilt-up integrated deck design available in 42 and 48 inch cutting widths. The deck mounts on independent articulating deck arms, allowing it to freely move up and down following ground contour and minimizing scalping and uncut areas of grass. The torsion-flex carrier frame also allows the deck to flex side-to-side, so no matter the terrain, the Model R delivers a smooth premium cut.

The Model R can be fitted with an optional mulching kit that includes bolt-in baffles and serrated mulching blades. A side-mounted grass catcher is also available for the Model R.

Thanks to a simplified design and common components, the Model R starts under $6,000 in U.S. markets.