Dealers juggle many tasks throughout the day, including keeping up on what’s new, changing or trending in the rural equipment market. Among the multitude of items posted on in 2019, here are the ones that dealers thought were most compelling. Check out the round-up for what you might have missed or go back to see about new takeaways for your dealership.

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Most-Viewed Blog Post: No One Wants to Sell Me a Mower

Sell a Mower

Managing Editor Lynn Woolf’s blog post about her personal experiences when buying a zero-turn mower generated a heated discussion. “My zero-turn mower is dead — or at least I want it to be dead, but I get the feeling that no one wants to sell me a mower,” she says.

One dealer says, “If you have done your research, as you state, and are ready to buy, then go buy! But if you are looking to be pushed to a purchase, then you are not ready to buy and are looking for an excuse to blame someone if you are not happy with your purchase. Enough said.”

Some dealers were insulted with being compared to those in the auto industry. Other dealers chimed in to say small margins or lack of manufacturer support were the issues. Another dealer says this, “Respectfully, the comments so far are very telling and proof of the lack of a sales culture in our business.”

Go to to read the blog post. 

Most-Viewed Print Article: Where Do We Go from Here? 

Tim Cromley, marketing manager for Walker Mfg. Co., says, “The future of the independent power equipment dealer relies on the discipline of everyone in the channel to make marketing a priority.” Read more, top-viewed print article is a continuation of the discussion that started online with the top-viewed blog post, “No One Wants to Sell Me a Mower.” Managing Editor Lynn Woolf dives deeper into the topic, offering examples of dealers who are finding creative and affordable marketing strategies. The article also featured comments from manufacturers, talking about their role in the issue.

Most-Viewed Online Feature: How Larry Stovesand Equipment Became a Top Selling Dealer in 2 Years


Larry Stovesand is an auto dealer who was urged by Mike Schramke, a former car salesman of his, to open a tractor dealership in 2015. Schramke started as a business partner and now owns the dealership.

They opened the first location in Murfreesboro, Tenn., (south of Nashville) and the dealership was successful enough that a second location was added in Springfield, Tenn., (north of Nashville) in March 2018. Schramke says that focusing on the KIOTI line has led to its fast success. They have earned the top U.S. sales award from KIOTI Tractor in 2017 and 2018. The dealership also carries Titan Implements. Read more,

Most-Viewed Webinar: Should I Add an Additional Location?

Bob Clements

Business is booming, loyal customers are keeping you busy, and you ask, “Is it time to expand?” A lot of factors come into play regarding this question, and there is not one right answer for every situation. Rural Lifestyle Dealer contributor Bob Clements of Bob Clements Intl. says you need to be prepared for more stress, more employee issues, less family time and a drain on cash flow. He also guides you through the process of evaluating whether you’ve made the most of your current location and what it takes to give a second location the best chance of success. View the webinar,

Most Listened to Podcast: Hear What’s Coming for Zero-Turn Mower Technology


This episode featured a conversation with Alyn Brown, technology consultant and RLD’s technology contributor. Brown is working to bring enhanced user experience technology to zero-turn mowers through electronic controls and true connected capabilities. In the discussion, Brown provides specifics about how users want to improve their mowing experiences, keeping in mind what they would be willing to pay for those features. Listen to the podcast,

Most Downloaded Dealer Guide: Smart Leadership Tactics Volume 1


This first volume in the Smart Leadership Tactics series focuses on these topics: 4 traits of successful salespeople; how to reduce friction in the purchase process; ways you can coach employees to achieve success; and how to develop your own performance reports. Download the report here,

Most Viewed YouTube Video: Trailblazer Attachments at the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show


Baily Turner of Trailblazer Attachments introduces the TB-One and the TB-JR MAX front-end loader rotary cutters at the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show. Both offer 11 cutting positions. The TB-One offers a 44-inch cutting deck and the TB-JR offers a 32-inch cutting width. Mounting options include universal skid steer; John Deere 400 & 500 models; Euro/Quickie; and universal pin on. Two motor options are also available (9-14 gallons per minute and 15-20 gallons per minute.) Go to to view the video. 

Most Viewed Social Post: Dixie Chopper Announcement at Farm Progress 2019

Warren Evans

Warren Evans of the Alamo Group provides an update about the company’s acquisition of the Dixie Chopper business and the transition of operations to Gibson City, Ill.

Alamo planned to start production of a few popular series, beginning with the commercial series. “It’s coming back, stronger than ever,” says Evans. View the announcement,

Most Viewed News Item: Accident at Landmark Equipment Results in Two Deaths

Sell a Mower

A tragedy at Landmark Equipment in which two employees died during a repair was a reminder to all dealerships about how quickly accidents can happen. RLD launched a safety series this year to provide dealers with resources to help keep their employees safe. Read more,