DALLAS — Robin Autopilot USA, a leader in robotic mowing technology, announced it has acquired Mowbot, a robotic lawn care franchise business with 16 locations throughout the U.S. As part of the acquisition, Robin Autopilot will launch a newly expanded partnership with Husqvarna Group, a major investor in Mowbot and a current equity partner of Robin.

Following the transaction, Mowbot will become known as "Mowbot Powered by Robin" and will move its headquarters from Durham, N.C. to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where Robin is looking to expand its U.S. headquarters. The business will be managed by Robin Holdings, led by Chief Executive Officer Logan Fahey.

Mowbot's operators will gain full access to all of Robin's key offerings, including:

  • A proprietary software package of Fleet Management, Surveyor, and customer acquisition tools.
  • Patented products such as Robin's robotic door system for navigating around fences and tight spots.
  • Robin Academy, training, and e-learning services.

The acquisition continues Robin's rapid expansion as it strengthens its leadership position in robotics as a service (RaaS) for the U.S. lawn care industry. In December 2020, Robin entered a similar arrangement with Weed Man USA to introduce the benefits of robotic mowing to a growing portion of the North American lawn maintenance and landscaping market.

"Husqvarna is a pioneer in the robotic mowing industry, and we are pleased to partner with them even more directly as we work together to change how North America mows," Fahey said. "Adding Mowbot's experienced operators to the Robin platform will further our goal to expand our presence as a leader in disruptive RaaS technology for the lawn care industry. Robin's innovative platform coupled with Husqvarna's global leadership in robotics will provide leading-edge RaaS solutions for landscapers and industry professionals throughout the sector."

"We believe robotic technology will play a rapidly growing role in the future of lawn care," said Robert McCutcheon, President of Husqvarna NA. "We consider this an outstanding opportunity to partner with Robin, the leader in the RaaS market for the U.S., to expand our presence in this expanding market."  

About Robin Autopilot

Launched in 2017, Robin wanted to offer a smarter lawn care experience — for people and the environment. So, they developed the first-of-its-kind, emissions-free robotic mowing service. Since then, Robin has expanded throughout the U.S. to provide more and more customers with this innovative service and unique subscription-based model.

By enabling its member companies to provide a 5-star customer experience and an innovative alternative to their traditional lawncare, they're empowering businesses powered by Robin to become more profitable, competitive, and sustainable in the long term.

Robin offers subscribers a customized subscription-based platform for running a robot as a service business. Based on their subscription level, Robin provides tiered access to proprietary products (software, operating manual, robotic door for homes with fences, and more) and non-proprietary products (marketing program, training and support, financing for robots and doors).

About Mowbot

Founded in 2017, Mowbot provides high-quality and environmentally friendly robotic lawn care services for residential and commercial customers through 16 franchise locations across the U.S. In 2019, Husqvarna Group of Stockholm, Sweden, announced a venture investment in Mowbot to partner in the expansion of its national robotic lawn care network and continue its acceleration of franchise sales. Mowbot's tagline of "Clean. Green. Quiet" reflects its commitment to contributing to a better environment through environmentally responsible lawn care.


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