RLD website launch Rural Lifestyle Dealer recently launched a new website, with more ways dealers can quickly access the information they need.

We realize that the time you’re spending here on your computer or mobile device is time spent away from customers, your team or your long list of management responsibilities. So, we at Rural Lifestyle Dealer want to make every minute you spend with us worth it.

That’s the goal behind our new website at www.RuralLifestyleDealer.com. I wanted to highlight some new tools that will help you get more of what you need, when you need it — and faster than ever. First, some housekeeping. Readers who were already registered will need to reset their password. For readers who are new to the site, you just need to answer a few questions to help us customize the information you receive.

Then, it’s all about speed, access to strategies, tools and exclusive RLD content and the ability to target just the topics you are most interested in. First up, speed: The new design is more than just good looking. The streamlined menu breaks down information from a dealer’s frame of mind — manufacturer news, new product announcements, what other successful dealers are doing and more.

When you need more in-depth information to develop new business strategies, you can quickly access our annual Dealer Business Trends & Outlook report, the only one of its kind in the industry, or “insider” information from our Dealership of the Year archives. Plus, you’re quickly directed to RLD exclusives — interviews, videos, dealer best practices and more — information that you will not find anywhere else. (And, that’s not just “marketing speak,” but our promise.)

Or, you can drill down a different way, based on how you want to search on a particular day. For instance, in the top left corner, you’ll see our content has been categorized in popular ways that dealers search for information.

There are more ways for our readers to share information with the dealer community. For instance, manufacturers and others can now add events and a new guide to suppliers keeps you current on what’s new. Manufacturers have the ability to update their listings to keep information up to date. We’re also trying something new with our monthly poll.The polls will be just one question and will help our community better understand this unique rural lifestyle segment.

Our front page will continue to display the top stories of the day, so you can quickly check in to see what your manufacturers or competitors are doing. And, of course, the site features the stories from our magazine as well as the interactive, digital version of the issue.

Check it out for yourself and then write me and let me know how it works for you. Thanks for reading.