In an interview at Equip Expo 2023, Senix Tools Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rocky Reynolds said growing the company’s dealer network is its No. 1 priority at the moment. Reynolds confirmed the company currently has 250 dealers in North America, with the majority belonging to the hardware co-op Do It Best. 

“That's [Do It Best] where the bulk of our adoption has been very strong for Senix, mostly on the gas products,” Reynolds said. “They're still in the rural markets with most of their stores, because they really make their hay in lumber and building materials.”

Senix currently has between 75-100 independent dealers in North America, said Reynolds, as well as distributors Oscar Wilson and Smith South-Central Sales. While Reynolds declined to share the final numbers of independent dealers they’re aiming for, he said the company has “aggressive marketing and sales plans in place.” Senix is targeting the Northeast, Northwest and Florida for network expansion and holding off on California in part due to high labor costs.

Electric Zero Turn

Senix teased its prototype battery-powered X6 60V zero-turn mower at this year’s show, which will hit the market next fall. Reynolds said the company sees potential in this market and forecasts adoption rates will increase as anti-noise and anti-pollution pressures increase.

“What we do know is the riding lawnmowers are very similar to the car industry,” he said. “The trends that happen there also happen in our space with the zero turns and riding mowers. So you're going to see that. Now, the adoption rate is slower than with cars, but it's still coming on. And as small municipalities and local governments and HOAs start cracking down on emissions or noise levels or things like that, the battery adoption is going to increase.”

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