Frank Lessiter, Founder of Lessiter Publications

Just as the Fourth of July weekend rolls around, the new Lone Ranger movie is making its debut in theatres across the country. And there’s a special tie-in I want to share with you between the Lone Ranger and Lessiter Publications.

In fact, there is a chapter on my childhood memories of the famous Masked that is part of the 368-page Centennial Farm book I wrote about our six-generation family farm located 35 miles north of Detroit, Mich. So that I could share these memories with you and reveal how a portion of the famous Masked Man’s history centered around the area near our family’s farm, we’ve reprinted this chapter from the book for you to check out.

When I was a kid on our home farm, I remember a team of Belgian draft horses called Silver and Scout, named after the two famous horses portrayed in the Lone Ranger series.

Earlier this spring, I talked with a horseshoer from Connecticut who had journeyed to New Mexico to help a fellow farrier trim and shoe some of the horses used in the production of this film.

I’m looking forward to reliving some of my childhood memories this weekend as I watch the great Masked Man and his trusted steed Silver perform on the theatre screen.

If you have any great stories or memories concerning the Lone Ranger, I’d like you to share them with me. Post them in the comments section below or send them to

Frank Lessiter, Lessiter Publications