The National Mall is undergoing a major facelift, and John Deere is playing an integral part through the donation of multiple grounds care products and attachments. 

Recently at the Mall, personnel from John Deere, the Trust for the National Mall and the National Park Service gathered in an early celebration of National Public Lands Day. At this celebration, John Deere announced the donation of over $400,000 of equipment and attachments that will be used to restore and maintain the turf and grounds at the National Mall.

"John Deere is both honored and proud to play a role in the revitalization of this iconic landscape," said Denver Caldwell, manager of turf marketing and marketing support for John Deere. "For more than 175 years, our company has been committed to nurturing, harvesting and beautifying the land. Today, we continue that commitment by providing the equipment to sustainably care for America's Front Yard."

The multi-year restoration is focused on improving the ability of the National Mall to serve the public need for national celebrations, demonstrations, festivals and other special events.

The equipment donated from John Deere will be used on the National Mall, from 3rd Street to 7th Street. This section of the Mall underwent a major restoration that was completed last year. The equipment will also be used in the planned restoration of the rest of National Mall grounds set to begin in 2014.

"This gift will help protect the park's investment in new turf, which provides visitors a more vibrant, welcoming and sustainable green space for recreation, civic gatherings and reflection," said Caroline Cunningham, president of the Trust for the National Mall, an official non-profit partner of the National Park Service. "We thank John Deere, a beloved American company, for working with the Trust and the National Park Service to preserve this beloved American landscape."

John Deere is joining other corporations that are stepping up to help with the Trust's Campaign for the National Mall, a major public-private partnership to make America's most visited national park more sustainable, functional and beautiful for generations to come.

"The National Park Service is grateful for this wonderful gift and to the Trust for arranging it," said Bob Vogel, superintendent of the National Mall and Memorial Parks. "Our visitors have been so impressed and happy with the new turf on the Mall. John Deere's contribution will help us ensure that it continues to look as beautiful as it does today."

The donation includes a wide range of John Deere grounds care equipment. Some of the donated models, such as the new commercial-grade Z925M Flex Fuel ZTrak mower, operate with alternative fuel, which is compatible with ethanol blends up to E85.

In addition to the Z925M Flex Fuel mower, John Deere is providing the following mowing and maintenance equipment in support of the National Mall:

  • Terrain Cut 8800 rotary mower with B20 biodiesel conversion kit
  • 1565 front mower with biodiesel conversion kit and hard cab
  • 4720 compact utility tractor with loader, backhoe and other Frontier attachments
  • TX Turf Gator utility vehicle with deluxe cab
  • Two ProGator 2030A utility vehicles and HD 300 SelectSpray Sprayer
  • Aercore 800 and Aercore 2000
  • TC125 materials collection system
  • 1200A bunker rake
  • X739 lawn tractor, snow blower and other attachments

In addition to providing equipment, John Deere and local John Deere dealer, Finch Services, will provide training and service.