The rural equipment industry is constantly changing, so regardless of how long you’ve owned or managed your dealership, you may need to sharpen some skills. One way to do that, is to break your job into segments and then practice specific tasks.

A story in the Harvard Business Review says, “Any organization can identify the elements that matter most to its managers’ success and help people work on developing them. But a common obstacle is the way most managerial work is organized. There are few opportunities to practice critical skills because many of them are used infrequently.”

Try this approach so your practice is focused on results, not just repetition. “To benefit most from practice in your organization, you’ll want to focus on tasks that can be tested quickly, that provide immediate results data, and that can be repeated and repeated. That’s where you’ll see exponential gains.”

Part of those practice sessions should be to set goals that are beyond what you’ve previously achieved. Those new goals will help you uncover new ways to do your job.

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