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Now is the time to break through management barriers that are keeping you from higher profits.

This “Managing for Success” eGuide shares how you can sell more, create better employees and bring professionalism to your service department and it’s FREE!

Dear Dealer,

You’re probably already thinking that you should stop reading this letter and get back to work. Your day is filled from start-to-finish and top-to-bottom with dozens of things you need to do every day to run your dealership — and that’s if your day goes smoothly. Add in a crisis and all bets are off on accomplishing what you had planned for the day.

Yet, you know that finding new and more efficient ways to sell more equipment, create a more knowledgeable and motivated team and run a first-rate service department is the only way to break through to higher levels of success.

To streamline the path to better management, we’ve compiled winning strategies from the playbooks of successful dealerships — and we’ve made it absolutely FREE so you and your management teams can quickly glean what you need to know to start making improvements today.

Proven strategies from management experts, compiled by the leading resource on selling to the rural equipment market.

This eGuide highlights the top strategies from leading experts on whole goods and aftermarket sales, and employee management — strategies that have been “field tested” and “dealership approved.” This means the advice is not hypothetical or “pie in the sky.” It’s been developed using sound approaches and adapted to the realities of running a dealership. It’s the kind of eGuide you and your team will turn to again and again as you bring on new staff or when your existing staff needs a refresher. Keep it handy as a primer for your management staff!

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Managing for Success is a comprehensive, foundational guide to developing better processes in the areas of sales, aftermarket revenue and employee management. It is simple, straightforward and actionable. In fact, this eGuide is designed to help you ...

  • Understand what your sales team needs to do — and NOT do — to sell to today’s rural equipment buyer
  • Discover how to elevate the professionalism of your service department to create loyal customers
  • Learn what matters more to employees than money
  • Gain confidence in your overall abilities as a manager
  • Start your team on a path toward recognizing how they can seize opportunities in the diverse and growing rural lifestyle market

Of course, we know you’re very busy. But we both know the risks of not paying attention to how you run your dealership, and you and your employees deserve the best decisions. Creating and maintaining a loyal equipment purchaser and employee team is compulsory to survival.

Consider this:

  • The market offers a vast opportunity for sales to hobby farmers, small acreage producers, landscapers, large property owners, homeowners, light construction contractors and many others. Can you lead the team so they can reach their full potential?
  • What you’re doing today may be working today, but are your approaches sophisticated enough to make your dealership the “go-to” for rural lifestylers and talented employees?

We know time is money and you spend each day fighting costly distractions and fixing mistakes. But if you did nothing more than scan the easy-to-read, bulleted strategies in this FREE eGuide, you would be significantly ahead.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer in print and online, is dedicated entirely to helping dealers understand the trends, data and analysis impacting the rural equipment market. Editors make it their job to know the score and to help progressive managers improve their operations. How would you respond if you were asked …

  1. Is your sales department wasting time by not selling to the decision maker?
  2. Is your service department working fast without sacrificing quality?
  3. Have you given an employee a raise in the hopes it would improve their performance? 

Learn better techniques, so you don’t have to shy away from questions like these. Read our FREE eGuide, Managing for Success.

Real-world advice to start using immediately.

This eGuide includes takeaways from leading sales and management consultants Floyd Jerkins and Bob Clements as well as a top employee retention expert.

Together, they have helped hundreds of managers take a fresh look at how they are running their companies. Whether these managers needed just a few tweaks to their approaches or a complete overhaul, these experts moved countless dealerships to higher levels of excellence. 

This free eGuide delivers actionable information in clear, straightforward language. You’ll immediately relate to the scenarios the experts describe.

  • You’ll gain insight into the new breed of rural lifestyler and mistakes your salespeople are making every day, such as assuming price will win the deal.
  • You and others on your management team will no longer have to dread employee reviews, but learn ways to formalize an ongoing approach, such as through a 5-tier employee rating strategy.
  • Learn why you should invest at least 3% of projected service department revenue to PROMOTE the service department.

It’s time to get rid of those ongoing management dilemmas that are draining your energy, frustrating your staff and stifling revenue growth.

Read this free eGuide right now to learn how this year can be your break-through year.  

Takeaways to win over current and prospective customers

This in-depth eGuide delivers actionable takeaways that you and your team can use today:

  • Role playing is one of the best ways to make salespeople more knowledgeable and points out opportunities for suggestive selling
  • Having a good CRM is critical
  • Service is only important to customers, it can and should be a large contributor to the success and profitability of your dealership

These are just some of the takeaways you’ll find by downloading this free eGuide and reviewing it your cup of morning coffee.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Put some of the thoughts and techniques in this eGuide through the lens of your company and situation and you’ll have your team poised for success.

By now I’m sure you see the value of this carefully-prepared eGuide and what this knowledge can do for your business. No one who wants to their company to be a leader should overlook it! And because you’ve taken the time to read this, you’re clearly a person who values how to protect, and grow, the stake you’ve already claimed in the rural equipment business.

That means you’re exactly the kind of person we hope to reach with Managing for Success. The kind of “in-the-know” person your team expects out of a leader.

You know how valuable eGuides like this are to calibrate and validate current thinking. If you’re developing new managers in your dealership, these ideas can be a foundation for success. What better way to move forward than with this comprehensive, authoritative – FREE – eGuide?

Do you want to eliminate inefficiencies and outdated approaches?

Are you prepared with what it takes to win sales every time?

Do you want to stop constantly dealing with employee issues?

Then download this free eGuide right now and get started. The minute you do, you start the momentum toward the next phase of growth for your dealership.

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Yours for a better rural equipment industry,

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Lynn Woolf, Managing Editor

PS: Have you ever considered establishing a loyalty card for your service customers? Find out how to do it by downloading Managing for Success right now.

PSS: There are many ways to build your sales team. For instance, have you tried role playing your sales training? Learn more by reading this free eGuide now.

What new insights did you gain? What jumped out at you? Share your observations in the comments below.