An extended fall season and predictions for a snowy winter across much of the country are giving dealers good opportunities to move equipment before the year ends. Here are 5 sales strategies from an story to encourage customers to buy now.

1. Get an up-front agreement.

An up-front agreement is a formal or informal oral contract in which you both agree to give each other a clear decision — yes or no — whether you want to take the next step in the sales process. This next step could be to purchase right then or it could be a timeframe for a follow up.

2. Uncover the fear of loss.

The fear of losing something gives urgency to purchasing. It could be the expiration of a promotional offer; a discount that is only available for a limited time; or that the model is a hot seller and may not be available for much longer.

3. Turn up the pain.

Understand what problems your customers are trying to solve with the equipment being discussed. Any delay in purchasing prolongs those problems.

4. Offer social proof

Share testimonials or statistics that help show they are making the right choice by purchasing — that others like them are happy with their similar purchases.

5. Reverse risk.

Are there ways that you can take away their risk and put it on your shoulders instead of theirs?

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