One of the biggest pain points for all business owners is finding, interviewing and hiring key employees for your business. Sara Hey of Bob Clements International has provided dealers and small business owners with processes that help to navigate this important part of your business. With a passion to help small businesses succeed, Sara leads you through a fun and fast-paced webinar and gives you a step-by-step process to finding and hiring your next key employee.

Join Sara Hey as she: 

  • Walks you through the 7-step Bob Clements International process for hiring 
  • Gives you specific questions to ask the candidate and their references 
  • Gives you tools to help you understand who you need in specific positions 
  • Helps make sure the people you are hiring will be a good fit on your team. 

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About the Presenter

Energetic, personable and competitive – these are just a few of the adjectives that describe Sara Hey, VP of Operations and Development at BCI.Sara Hey Headshot

In 2011, Sara joined the BCI team to help build social media and marketing efforts. Soon after, she began taking on the management of special events such as GIE +EXPO and the BCI Manager Boot Camp.

Today, Sara also assists with the daily operations and product development at BCI. Working with companies in the OPE, AG and Power Sports industries, she oversees the development of customized training programs for their dealers. And, in keeping with the mission of BCI, she consistently works to create new training materials and programs that can be delivered to dealers in affordable and accessible ways.

Sara is an engaging and commanding speaker and will share proven ways to help you gain and retain exceptional employees. She has a passion for helping small businesses, and that translates to everything she does.

Sara is a graduate of North Park University where she earned a degree in Psychology. After living in Chicago for several years, she and her husband, Austin, now reside in Liberty, Missouri with their three daughters. In her spare time, Sara likes to participate in kickboxing, read and spend time with her family.