HOUSTON — Mahindra North America, its employees and dealer network are coming together to help with the relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of Harvey’s widespread impact on much of southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana. As a group, donations are going to support the Greater Houston Community Foundation and the American Red Cross. These two organizations are directing funds to benefit the areas that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Additional tractors and utility vehicles have been made available to dealers for immediate use in the rebuilding efforts in their communities. Equipment is immediately available to government entities, companies and customers to ease the burden of access to a larger fleet for clean-up efforts. The combined donation of cash, services and equipment will be $1.5 million in relief for the impacted cities and counties.

“As a Houston-based company, our employees and dealers have been directly impacted by Harvey. We are saddened to see the devastation left behind, not only in our community, but throughout the region and our sympathies are with the storm victims. Mahindra is focused on the recovery and rebuilding process to help our neighbors and friends rise from this storm stronger than ever,” said Cleo Franklin, CMO/vice president of strategic planning, Mahindra NA. “One of the three pillars of Mahindra’s Rise philosophy is driving positive change and we are putting muscle behind this pillar as a company and as individuals in this time of great need.”

“Mahindra employees are personally involved in the recovery efforts through this company initiative as well as working in their affected communities to offer assistance in whatever way they are able,” said Stephanie Thurman, director, human resources, Mahindra NA. “We are proud of our employees and how they have pulled together to assist those within the Mahindra family, neighbors, friends and our own families that received damage to their homes as a result of Harvey.”

To learn more about Mahindra’s Harvey relief efforts, visit Mahindrausa.com.