The 2018 Rural Lifestyle Dealer Dealer Business Trends & Outlook Report features answers from dealers to this question: "What rewards or incentives do you offer to help recruit, retain and motivate employees?" (Read the complete feature in the winter issue.)

“We offer a great place to work that is not just a job, but a future career. We also believe in making sure they are well informed, accepted for who they are and included in the business and its operations. We talk with them and ask questions so that we understand them and genuinely care about them and their well-being.” … “Pay competitive salaries and continue to provide incentives to technicians that ‘beat’ our flat rate charges to customers and let them know from my actions that they are valued members of our organization.”

“They can have off any time or any reason.” … “Great benefits package, yearly bonuses and manufacturer-sponsored incentive trips.” … “Profit sharing, flexible hours and we support employee families.” … “All of my employees are on a commission in addition to salary and we pay 100% of health insurance for our employees.” … “Paid health benefits, life insurance 401K with contributions, paid vacation, production bonus.” … “Sign on referral bonus.” … “We pay a bonus on customer satisfaction surveys at a certain level. We pay a finder’s fee and retaining fee to employees who find us new hires.”

“We give salesmen bonuses to employees on a rotating basis.” … “Performance-based incentives of all types.” … “We are implementing a program this spring utilizing our software system to set goals and when the goals are exceeded, there would be a bonus based on increase of sales and calculated on the additional profit earned.” … “Family friendly environment. Everyone has a say as to how things should be done. There are no bad ideas.” … “Service receives base plus commission on billable hours over 10.” … “We have competitions to encourage increased sales volume to win cash and prizes on a monthly basis.”

“We have bonus programs and provide high quality health insurance program when others are cutting benefits. We value our employees’ health so we invest in the best for them.” … “Very good working conditions plus bonus trips and pay that reflects work quality.” … “We treat them like family. I adopt them and stay very interested in their well-being. I give them the tools they need to help them grow to be someone they have never been. I pay them very well.” … “Cash referral fee for employees. I regularly bonus with PTO and I’m adding bonus opportunities.”

“Have payouts for different stages of recruitment & hiring process. Incentive for staff to bring new piece of equipment into shops. Aftermarket revenue incentive program based on growth. Techs also have monthly bonus based on performance metrics. Incentives for staff to sell multi-year maintenance plans.”