MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Homeowners seeking effortless battery-powered outdoor equipment that offers on-the-go convenience have two new offerings in the Snapper HD 48-volt MAX1 battery lineup — a new hedge trimmer and chainsaw. 

“Lithium-ion powered outdoor power equipment is easy to use, maintain and it’s affordable,” said Christin Wam, marketing manager for turf and consumer products, Briggs & Stratton. “These additions will give homeowners options in the Snapper HD lineup to tackle their landscaping needs.” 

Hedge Trimmer (Tool only; Battery & Charger sold separately) 

Homeowners can power through unruly bushes with the new Snapper hedge trimmer which has a run time of up to 60-minutes. Its innovative 180-degree rotating handle gives the operator added convenience of control while trimming hedges, trees or bushes, and a metal tip increases the trimmer’s durability. Engineered with 24-inch, dual-action steel blades that have a 3/4-inch blade gap, the new Snapper 48-volt hedge trimmer helps homeowners achieve their ideal manicured look. 

Chain Saw (Tool only; Battery & Charger sold separately)

Snapper’s new chainsaw runs on brushless motor technology for high-efficiency output to accomplish the job at hand. A 14-inch chain with 3/8-inch pitch and a 0.043-inch gauge can achieve up to 90 cuts with a 2.0 battery making quick work of any cutting task. The 48-volt chainsaw has an auto-oil system for easy chain lubrication, and its safety feature includes a chain break and a low kickback chain. The new chainsaw is compatible with both 48-volt 2.0 and 5.0 lithium-ion batteries. 

48-Volt MAX Lithium-ion Battery

The Briggs & Stratton 48-volt MAX lithium-ion battery is available in either 2.0 or 5.0 power level options. The 2.0 battery is fully charged in 60 minutes, while the 5.0 battery charges in 150 minutes. Both power options can be recharged at any level because they have no memory. Homeowners will always know the power level thanks to four charge indicator lights. The 2.0 battery includes a convenient handle with an ergonomic grip, making it easy to grab and go. Further, the 2.0 battery includes an innovative USB port, allowing operators to charge other devices when their outdoor tasks are completed.

All Snapper HD tools have a three (3) year limited consumer warranty, and all Briggs & Stratton 48-Volt MAX Batteries and Charging Station have a two (2) year limited consumer warranty. Mower kits include a 5.0 battery and charger. All other kits include a 2.0 battery and charger. The Snapper HD 48-volt system is now available for purchase at select e-commerce retailers. See all the Snapper HD products at