Branson Tractors announces they are adding to their lineup of 16 models in their 15 series tractors. The 2515R & 2515h tractors provide smaller horsepower on a bigger chassis.

The Branson 2515 tractors are 24 horsepower and are available with manual 12 speed synchro shuttle transmission (2515R) or a 3-range Hydro-max, hydrostatic transmission (2515h). Hydro-max is a synchronized auto acceleration system.

These tractors have a heavy weight of 3,014 poundsĀ making them one of the heaviest tractors in this horsepower tractor.

The 2515 models have cast iron rear ends and transmission housing with a powder coat finish to protect from UV rays and less cracking during cold weather. They also feature a large loader lift capacity of 2,200 poundsĀ for more lift and more power,