MILWAUKEE  – Briggs & Stratton is more than doubling production of its standby generators to meet the market’s growing reliance on home power and record power outage events nationwide. This initiative will reduce lead times, by expanding standby generator production to Auburn, Alabama.

“So many Americans now work and learn from home and it’s more important than ever to have backup power in case of an unexpected power outage,” says Tom Rugg, president, standby power — Briggs & Stratton. “The events of the last 12 months have made it clear that consumers need reliable standby power and Briggs & Stratton is prepared to provide power solutions to protect what matters most.”

A record hurricane year in 2020, recent unprecedented winter storm events in Texas and the country’s aging power grid have all led to an increased demand for standby power. Consumers unwilling to allow weather or infrastructure issues to interrupt their lives are looking to manufacturers such as Briggs & Stratton for reliable peace of mind. 

Briggs & Stratton currently produces standby generator units in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and will expand production to Auburn, Alabama — close to the region the company primarily services, allowing for quicker response to customer needs. “We are making this investment in our future because of the phenomenal demand for standby generators,” says Rugg. “Reducing lead times for our customers is a key priority for our business, and we’re excited to be investing in additional manufacturing capabilities and new product development.”

The company plans to implement its production expansion in May and will continue to work vigorously with its supply chain to realize the benefits of increased capacity. “The future looks very bright for standby generators, and we’re excited to connect consumers with reliable, innovative power solutions,” says Rugg.

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