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How To Sell: On the Fence About Fencing?

Fencing can be difficult to sell because of a "price-match" competition with big box stores. Expert knowledge can help you win long-term customers.
Fencing can be difficult to sell because of a "price-match" competition with big box stores. Expert knowledge can help you win long-term customers.
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How to Sell

How to Grow Your Off-Season Service Business

Discounts, free pick-up and delivery, and on-farm visits help dealers promote seasonal service packages.
That first warm day in the spring is usually what sets off the spring rush. After that last lawn mowing in the fall, your rural lifestyle customers have stowed their mowers in the shed and shut the door for the winter.
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How to Sell: Quality, Stocking, Demos Increase Log Splitter Sales

The allure of a cozy fire crackling in the fireplace on a cold, wintery night is part of the rural lifestyle dream. And, for some, the satisfaction of felling the tree and splitting the wood for those fires is part of that vision. For others, burning wood for heat just makes good economic sense, with wood roughly one-third the cost of natural gas, electricity or oil.
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How To Sell: Handling Animal Feed Adds Another Dimension to Equipment Sales

Selling animal feed as a diversification strategy gives customers reasons to return often to your dealership.
Many of your customers have made the lifestyle choice to buy property in the country and move back to the land. And your dealership has successfully helped them buy and service the equipment they need to manage their property. But would you be able to lend a hand if they pulled up to your dealership with a baby goat in the backseat of their car?
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How to Sell Generators: Selling Peace of Mind

Thanks to severe weather and an aging power grid, generators can provide additional sales any time of the year.
In August, as Hurricane Irene aimed for the U.S.'s Eastern Seaboard, residents along the coast went shopping. Stores were cleaned out as people bought essentials to help them get through the storm and clean up in the aftermath. In a few hours, flashlights, batteries and essential food items were in short supply across the region.
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How To Sell Skid Steers & Attachments: Compact, Strong and Looking for Work

While the economic downturn hit compact equipment sales hard, dealers don�t have to stock new skid steers to sell attachments.
Often called the “Swiss army knife” of construction equipment, the compact and powerful skid steer and its tracked counterparts can find work on a hobby farm or in a landscaping operation as easily as they can on a building site.
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How To Sell Rotary Tillers: Sell Today, Till Tomorrow

Selling rotary tillers to rural lifestyle customers requires keeping them in stock and ready for delivery.
Picture this: I's a Friday afternoon in May, and the warm, dry weather is expected to continue through Sunday. Then, a couple shows up at your dealership and walks straight to the rotary tillers. Is your staff ready to close the sale?
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