Doug Vahrenberg, owner of Vahrenberg Implement, Higginsville, Mo., wrote recently and shared this: “We heard a story about someone who was operating a compact tractor with loader (not our brand or from our state) and the bucket came off, slid down the loader arms and landed on the operator. This scared the heck out of me because how many of us double check that the loader implements are secure each time we use the tractor? I bet it’s almost none, but I will now after hearing this story.”

We can all talk about safety and share horror stories, but Vahrenberg has taken the next step. He produced his own video at his dealership, using a GoPro Hero 3 (with skeleton case) and PowerDirector 15 video editing software. In his “Safety Tip Video: Loader Quick Attach System,” (below) Vahrenberg demonstrates how to double check that a front-end attachment is secure. He says his goal was to help ensure that the tragic accident he heard about was never repeated.

Check out his video. It is authentic, direct and educational. Vahrenberg takes the lead in educating customers and doesn’t worry about fancy video production. It’s him talking to customers, just like he does every day at his dealership.

Vahrenberg also raises this thought: “I would love to see a national campaign, something like ‘Check Before You Operate.’ It doesn’t matter the color of paint, brand name, or quick attach system, an operator should double check quick attach latching systems before they turn the key on!”

What do you think? Would you find it valuable to have access to a series of safety videos or operation education videos that you could share with your customers? What other topics would you like to see covered? 

Let me know your thoughts so we can investigate this idea further.