The first game of the 2023 Baseball World Series was awesome (even though my Braves were at home watching as I was). What a game. However, even with the up-tempo rules, there was still time to flip the channels and catch up on world events, knowing I could watch, on rewind, any highlight missed. The channel flipping allowed me to catch up on AG-Day programs and see why grain prices are not going to cause me any income tax issues this year.

Then I started watching the news.

I try to be fair and watch 'em all. CNN, Newsmax, Fox and the other 3 letter channels which I tape but seldom watch. What I witnessed caused me to be able to stay up late and not fall asleep during the walk-off homer. Geeze Louise, the world is in a serious mess.

There are retired generals and admirals (I had to stop and google to see what a Rear Admiral was) who are now talking heads as "experts" who are spouting possibilities of WWIII! We are seeing Israel go to war against Hamas in live, real-time attacks. Talks of Iran firing missiles on U.S. troops in the area, unrest in all the middle east and not knowing the reaction of those surrounding Israel.

We have the new USS Gerald R. Ford super carrier over there. If you want a real downer, google USS Ford's troubles. I hope they have the bugs out of her.

Then we can jump to Ukraine and the forgotten war there as Russia slugs out a trench warfare WWI style. They are getting weapons from the only FAT man or person in North Korea, who also hates the U.S. The farmers in Ukraine are still discing and harvesting wearing armored vests and helmets and are sitting on flak jackets as the soldiers in Vietmam did in the '60's while riding helicopters. Ukraine, the "bread basket" of Europe, is faltering in its supply of grain to places like Africa, who are again turning into warlord-controlled peoples who could be facing starvation.

The EU, as I wrote about before, continues it's self-destructive crop yields pursuing a "green" agenda and unless stopped, will adversely affect their ability to supply food to their masses. China still has its eye on Taiwan and its million-goose stepping automatons who serve the party without question are ready to die in service to the state while invading the small U.S.-friendly island.

Our politicians state we are ready to support said island, which is a disaster in the making. So, we have the Arab world who stands in almost unison – some chanting "Death to the U.S. and Israel" — Russia and China who have plans to attack us militarily and in cyber-attacks, an anemic EU, Great Britain/UK who half-heartedly support us and the rest of the third world who have their hands out for our foreign aid. 

Flipping the channel one more time I hear a TV Evangelist preaching about "wars and rumors of wars," and we are in the "End Times!" Wow. The old joke, "Other than THAT, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?" popped into mind.  It was a relief to watch a walk-off home run. 

With all the turmoil in the world, the fact that we can't understand why people hate democracies, the economic uncertainties of the times, the lack of leadership from our government, we still get up, go to work and do what we do best. We sell and repair the equipment that helps the most productive people in the world, the American Farmers, produce the food and fiber that feeds and clothes the world.  We just keep on keeping on. That is what wins the day, right? I keep telling myself that anyway... what else can we do?

'Til next time — with a better, more positive story to tell, I hope — wishing you miles of smiles and profits, not bad prophets. 

Told from the perspective of an in-the-trenches owner/operator — Tim Brannon of B&G Equipment, Paris, Tenn. —  Equipment Dealer Tips, Tales & Takeaways shares knowledge, experiences and tips/lessons with fellow rural equipment dealerships throughout North America. Covering all aspects required of an equipment dealership general manager, Brannon will inform, entertain and provide a teachable moment for current — and future — leaders within equipment dealerships.



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