Traditional riding mowers are inefficient, relying on belts and pulleys to drive the blades. The Raven MPV is a hybrid. Does that mean it’s cleaner? Yes. Does that mean it lacks power? No way. Working much like a modern locomotive, the Raven MPV utilizes both gas and electricity to provide an efficient, high-quality cut. 

The Raven MPV’s mowing deck is fabricated and reinforced with strong welds to provide long-lasting performance even in tough grass. Designed for enhance vacuum, mulch and discharge with fast disbursement in heavy conditions.

With a 14” turning radius the Raven MPV makes it easy to maneuver around those tight turns, helping get the job done in record time.

Equipped with an on-board 7100 watt generator powered by a 420cc engine, Raven’s MPV brings power with it wherever it goes. Whether it’s for electric tools, small appliances, spotlights or even a TV at the hunting site, power has never been so portable.

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