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Raven MPV Hybrid Riding Mower

Traditional riding mowers are inefficient, relying on belts and pulleys to drive the blades. The Raven MPV is a hybrid. Does that mean it's cleaner? Yes. Does that mean it lacks power? No way. Working much like a modern locomotive, the Raven MPV utilizes both gas and electricity to provide an efficient, high-quality cut.
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Lynn Woolf
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GIE+Expo 2013 Round Up: Go Big, Get Tech

Dealers and landscapers scoped out the new equipment from more than 750 indoor and outdoor exhibitors at the recent GIE+Expo in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 23-25. Here's a theme that stood out for me this year: The line between consumer and commercial equipment continues to blur -- with consumer equipment getting bigger -- and improved technology is pumping up performance and ease of use.
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Summer 2013 Issue: Rural Lifestyler's Invention Makes UTVs More Versatile

Mark Altemeier of Maineville, Ohio, combined the experience of growing up on a farm with his mechanical expertise to invent a new way to get more done on his 25-acre produce farm. I needed another tractor and in 2010 the economy wasn't so great. I couldn't afford to go out and buy one. I thought wouldn't it be nice if I could plant sweet corn with my Kubota RTV? says Altemeier, who raises produce that he sells though his own retail operation, Fosters Farm Market. The answer was an invention that is now The Farmboy, a 3-point hitch system that uses standard UTV front or rear hydraulics to power attachments.
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