YouTube boasts some astounding facts about the number of videos watched daily, but did you know that 100 million hours of video are also watched on Facebook each day? And, that number is sure to skyrocket with the announcement that Facebook is rolling out its new live video capability.

Video can be a powerful sales and relationship-building tool for dealerships. Our retail expert Mike Wiles and our marketing expert Lisa Bocklage both talked about its relevance and necessity for dealers in our winter issue.

“Video attracts more visitors and engagement on a site; extends the reach of the message through sharing of the content, and drives increased revenue growth,” says Bocklage.

Here are three reasons why you’re ready to test out live video on Facebook — even if you don’t think you are:

1. You’re already interacting with your customers on Facebook.

In the last year or so, I’ve noticed a major increase in the number of dealerships using Facebook and the effort behind posting interesting content. You recognize that you’re talking with customers and you’ve built up your social media expertise to get you to the next level.

2. You have people on your team who shine in the spotlight.

Your salespeople are naturals for live video. They “go live” every day when they’re selling. Consider other people on your team as well. For instance, you might have a service manager who is good at explaining repair issues or a receptionist who makes customers feel welcome and important. With stars like these, there are many options for live video — new product announcements, short service clinics or a tour during a special event.

3. You can’t miss this low-cost opportunity to interact with your customers 24/7.

The live videos are archived on your site, so when customers are checking out your Facebook page at 2 a.m., you’re right there with them. “It would almost be like the customer was standing there with you, but you're talking to them on the iPhone and showing them around the equipment,” says Wiles. And, the next morning when they call, you’ll already have a head start on the sale.

Here’s a fourth reason: You don’t need to worry about being perfect. We all stumble over our words. A less-than-perfect live video can make you more authentic to the viewers. Your customers are more interested in the information they are seeking rather than whether you have the speaking skills of a news anchor.

Here are some best practices from Facebook and we’ll share more tips in our upcoming marketing and retail columns. Give it a try and keep us posted on how you’re going live to show off your equipment, your team and your dealership brand.