Every few years, Middleton Power Center and Prairie Power Center, which make up the Power Centers of Madison, invest in facility improvements, says co-owner Duane Nolden.

Back in 2008, the company built a warehouse at the Middleton store. The dealership carries 11 different lines, and as a result, has a large amount of inventory. The addition of the warehouse allows them to keep more of their inventory under cover, rather than outside in the elements. This has also helped eliminate some concerns over theft.

In 2010, the Middleton location underwent a significant renovation, removing a wall and expanding the showroom by about 20 feet into what used to be part of the service shop. The dealership had been doing automotive repairs and when they stopped that service, they no longer needed such a large shop, Nolden says. In addition to expanding the showroom, the renovation also included adding a service office. Before, customers had to go into the shop itself. Now, they can meet with an employee at the service counter, where it is cleaner and quieter.

This year, the dealership is working on adding a mezzanine to the Middleton store’s showroom, which will allow them to display off-season equipment. In Sun Prairie, they are in the process of getting bids to add an overhang to the front of the building. Nolden says the overhang project will likely be completed next year.