Sherwood Tractor is Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s 2018 Multi-Store Dealership of the Year, the largest Mahindra dealer in Arkansas — and home to Robin Bush, the only certified female mechanic for Mahindra in North America.

Bush is shop foreman and lead mechanic for tractors. In her early career, she was a CNA in a nursing home before a bad experience with a mechanic inspired her to go to school to become one.

“I wanted to go to school and learn how to be the honest mechanic,” says Bush. She found she enjoyed working on tractors. Bart Sherwood, owner of Sherwood Tractor, hired her when she graduated and she has remained with Sherwood Tractor for almost 8 years.

It is with this mindset of being “the honest mechanic” that Bush is able to keep her customers happy. Her goal is to diagnose a tractor repair within 24 hours and have the machine back to the customer in 2 week or less. Throughout the repair, Bush keeps the customer updated and even invites them to the shop to see what her and her team are doing with the repair.

Committed to Improvements

She feels Sherwood hired her because she showed she was committed to learning. She keeps updated with certifications from Mahindra improve her skills, to help as many customers as possible and to maintain honesty with her customers.

Bush says that this approach along with loving what she does helps her be more efficient. “I love what I do. I don’t mind talking to people…but I love turning my wrenches. As quick as I can and as much as I can, I’m in the shop turning wrenches,” says Bush.