Think about these 5 moments and how to create them for a lasting impact. 

1. Never-again moments

Mistakes are a human characteristic. Repeating them is foolish, sometimes even stupid. Start building newness in your workplace. Restructure habits holding everyone from higher achievements. Establish new habits and define your never-again moments.

2. Sharing moments

Life is about relationships — something critical leaders must learn to establish. Experience a rewarding moment by sharing your knowledge. Share talents and/or resources with employees. By sharing, you help to build the success potential of others.

3. Metamorphosis moments

Life is an evolutionary process. What you become is the product of how you spend your metamorphosis moments. Bring magnificence into your life and prosperous careers for your employees.

4. Go-as-far-as-you-can moments

Most underrate their abilities. We stop one step short of the successes we seek. We hesitate. Persistence overcomes hesitation and makes things happen. Resistance is an enabler of hesitation and stops action. By using our go-as-far-as-we-can moments, our persistence will overcome resistance getting in the way.

5. Searching moments

Being successful requires inquisitiveness. Be alert and diligent to learn what you must to bring your activities to a successful conclusion. Keep your mind open and alert to the messages of the world. This can turn search moments into defined objectives. Leaders use this alertness to visualize their future.

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