I recently attended a Bob Clements Boot Camp and enjoyed the chance to talk with dealers and listen to them share challenges they’re facing in their service and parts departments. 

DOY 2017 - 300


Throughout the two days, dealers jotted notes, asked questions, nodded heads in agreement, and shared challenges they’re facing in making sure their service and parts departments operate at peak efficiencies. It’s that “nose-to-the-grindstone” approach that’s so admirable when I see a group of dealers networking and learning together.

As I chatted with dealers, I mentioned that we are now accepting  nominations for our  Dealership of the Year program — and that dealers along with employees, manufacturers and customers can submit nominations. “You mean I can nominate myself?” was a response I heard again and again. Yes. You can nominate your own dealership.

And, why not? You know your team. You know your numbers. You know your strategic advantages. You know how you’re positioning yourself for future growth. Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s Dealership of the Year program is a way to have your success validated and promoted by an objective and respected industry source. Plus, the recipient receives national promotion that will speak volumes to your customers. 

The nomination phase is simple — just a paragraph about why you’re worthy. This is information you share every day with your customers, your manufacturers, potential hires and your lenders. Just put it in writing and send it to me. While you’re at it, let your team know that you’ve submitted your nomination. Your pride in your dealership is a reflection of their efforts as well. 

With the Super Bowl just 5 days away, this Vince Lombardi comes to mind when I think about dealerships and their commitment to success:

“Most important of all, to be successful in life demands that a man make a personal commitment to excellence and to victory, even though the ultimate victory can never be completely won. Yet that victory might be pursued and wooed with every fiber of our body, with every bit of our might and all our effort. And each week, there is a new encounter; each day, there is a new challenge.”

Take the challenge and submit your nomination to me today. Here’s the link to download the PDF form or complete the online form version. I look forward to the chance to contact you in June to let you know that you have been selected as the 2017 Rural Lifestyle Dealer Dealership of the Year.

Go here to learn more about what the recipient earns with the recognition, including a special consultation package from Bob Clements.