It’s a fact. Average sales people do average things, make average money, and get average results, but great salespeople do things that set themselves apart from the crowd.

I challenge you to think of yourself in new ways and begin to set yourself apart from the crowd of salespeople and to consider what it takes to be a successful professional salesperson.

Many salespeople believe that price is the key that determines whether or not people will buy from you. In reality, price really doesn't impact selling much one-way or the other. Only a small percentage of the people that you sell to will buy because of price, most buy for other reasons.

Become Re-Excited About What You Do

Have you ever watched an infomercial and had the urge to pick up the phone and order something? Maybe a mop, a battery charger or a workout program? Millions of people do each year. Why? Is it because that new mop is a great value and you just can’t live without? Well, in a way, yes. The people who produce infomercials know the secret to selling. They know that if they can create enough excitement around a product, people will buy it.

Unfortunately, most salespeople believe that people only buy from them if they are competitive on price. I often see sales people presenting facts and figures to people, thinking that if they throw enough information at the prospect they will finally get something to stick and the sales will magically take place. Sure, some people need factual information to make a decision, but it is not what makes them buy. People are not logical creatures, they are emotional and if we're going to be successful in sales we have to tap into their emotions and get people excited.

You see, once a person gets excited about what you've got, they'll pay almost anything to get it. Think about yourself and how you buy. If you find something that you really want, what will you do to get it? You’ll do almost anything if you are like 85% of the population. That excitement starts with you and most salespeople struggle because they have lost the excitement they had when they first started.


Do you remember the very first day you started with your dealership? You were on fire and passionate about your job. Your first month you didn’t know everything there was to know about every model that you carried, but interestingly enough, you still made sales. How was that possible? Well, we know it wasn’t because you had a deep knowledge of the product, but because you were excited.

Here is one of the most important things to remember as a salesperson: Your sales, or lack of sales, will have more to do with your excitement or lack of excitement than anything else that you or your dealership does. Passion and excitement about what you do will always translate into sales.

4 Ways to Get Energized

So how do you get yourself re-motivated and excited about what you do? Well, there are lots of ways to go about this, but let me suggest four that will get you moving in the right direction.

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1. Get re-excited about your dealership and the impact that you and your team members have on customers’ lives.

Take some time and fall in love with your products.

2. Discover the positive impact you and your dealership have on those who purchase from you.

Visit with some of your customers and see how they are using their equipment. Look at how you have helped them improve the quality of their business or family life.

3. Set some new and motivating goals for yourself.

Sales is a great profession — one that, with hard work and commitment, you can make more money. Set a big goal for yourself. Maybe a dream vacation, tickets to the World Series or possibly a down payment on a new home. Regardless of your goal, allow yourself to dream again and dream big.

4. Experts say that based upon what we listen to, read and who we spend our time with, we can predict what we will become.

If you want to become a great salesperson, invest time each day in listening to proven sales training or motivational podcasts. Pick up a great book on sales. Feed your mind with the possibilities of what you can achieve. Commit to inputting great thinking into your mind each and every day.

One last note on maintaining your enthusiasm. Keep in mind that while things around you may not always be going great, you always have control of one thing, your attitude. The people who visit with you about your products want someone who has a great attitude and is excited to see them and share with them about the products. If you have a great attitude, it is because you have chosen to have a great attitude. Set yourself apart from average salespeople and become re- excited about your profession, your brands and your dealership.

How to Set Yourself Apart

Did you know that most people do not like salespeople? I’m guessing that before you became a salesperson, you didn’t like salespeople. Even now, you still may not like them and you can probably spot one a mile away.

The challenge is that if we're going to be in sales we have to stop looking, talking and acting like every other salesperson. When people are asked, “What do you think of when you hear the word salesperson?” 93% will say greasy, slick or slimy and immediately, their “walls” will go up. The last thing we want to happen is for a prospect to look at us and think — salesperson!

To be a successful salesperson, you have to walk a different path and become a “non-sales- type” salesperson. Here are a few ways you can become a non-sales type person.

1. Stop shaking everyone’s hand.

A typical sales person walks up to every person they meet, ready to shake hands. Did you know that 60% of all people do not like to be physically touched by someone they've never met before?

Most salespeople immediately will reach out to shake hands with every new prospect that walks in the door. That screams “salesperson!” Instead, keep your hand next to your body as you introduce yourself. Only extend it if or when the prospect reaches out to you.

2. Pay attention to how you dress.

I was in a coffee shop the other day and saw a young man sit down with a couple. I immediately said, “There’s a salesperson.” I could tell by how overdressed he was compared to the couple and the environment. As a salesperson, we should always dress professionally with clean, pressed clothes. The rule of thumb is to dress just slightly better than your customer. For example, if your customers typically come in wearing jeans and t-shirts, then khaki pants and a polo or dress shirt with your dealership logo would be appropriate. Overdressing is a dead give- away that you are a sales person.

3. Do things other people are NOT doing, like sending thank you notes.

One of the lost arts in this technological age is sending out hand written thank you notes. At the end of every day, you should make a habit of sending out no fewer than 5 thank you notes. Just a simple note that says, “Thanks for taking time to meet with me today. I really appreciate it.” Then, insert your business card in the thank you note and write “Thanks and their name” on the business card. Sending a thank you with your business card that includes their name on it sets you apart. That's the key to being successful.

Stay in front of your customers by sending out off-holiday greeting cards. Instead of sending out Christmas cards, which everyone else does, send off-holiday cards such as Fourth of July or St Patrick's Day cards.

A few years back, we sent out St Patrick's cards and included two scratch-off lottery tickets in each one. The note said, “Wishing you the luck of the Irish!” For a month, we had customers contacting us, thanking us and telling us if they won or didn’t win. We only spent a couple of dollars, but we were able to stay in front of our customers and set ourselves apart. Take time to think of unique and fun ways to market yourself as a salesperson. Then implement your plan.

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